About F1EHN

Some dates important for me:

  • Jean-Jacques MAINTOUX was born in 1957 in AUBUSSON – 23 (centre of France).
  • In 1975, I adhere to the « club des radioamateurs Aubussonais – F6KSX ».
  • In 1976, I become F1EHN.
  • From 1976 until 1987, I had activity with my personal station (unsettled in 1995) but the most important traffic was made with the team F6KSX. Numerous friends joined these various portable expeditions.
  • From 1988, F6KSX turns to the activity EME. From this date, I did not use any more my personal call sign.
  • According to the expeditions EME, we needed an automatic Moon tracking to improve the efficiency of the station. The program of VK3UM presented to the conference of TRENTON in 1990 seemed interesting and I developed my first interface EME. Regrettably, the design of VK3UM was not completely ended and he was developing its own interface. After a negative answer on support request, I decided to develop my tracking software.
  • In 1992 the first version appeared, after a first test during the F6KSX Jersey EME expedition in 1991.
  • Then the next versions appeared and the program became the freeware EME System such as it is today.

I would like to clarify that I am not a programmer. I am Electronic engineer specialized in RF and microwave radar sensors. I worked at THALES group. Now I’m retired.

To end, I hope that you will have a lot of pleasure to visit my site, to use EME System and to go through the history of F6KSX.