Now I have a home brew 7.2m dish .48 F/D ratio near to 39 dBi gain (I think). This little monster mounted on my roof can moves betwen 250 to 35 degrees AZ and 6 to 90 degrees EL.
Sun noise is betwen 18 to 21 dB. I try to measure it every day but always is the same, one day hi, and the other...not too bad....
The feed is like SM0PYP deep dish based on a W2IMU and VE4MA, no nulling post.
Two preamplifiers, first a K2AH type with FHX35 (.25 ~ .3dB NF) finally a strip line input MGF1302, 13dB gain on first and 14dB the last one), both are enclosed near to the feed.
The RX relay is a THOTSU CZX3500 (no loss or NF degradation measurable on 1296MHz).
TX line, 15m 7/8 Cellflex , RX line 15m 1/2 Cellflex.
My transceiver is Yaesu FT-736R.
The power amplifier is a K2AH four tubes cavity air cooled inside and outside, 1200V plate, 200W out with four used tubes 2C39BA, near to be ready with new ones. The old P.A. was a home brew four hybrids M57762 (70W), but was destroyed after my first EME contact on SSB, too much emotion + something wrong = Smoke and tears.
Manual motorized az/el control with CCTV to see both indicators. My first Moon track at home was a F1EHN older version, now I have the new one 5.1


LU8EDR - Daniel