Alex, RW1AW in shack...
RW1AW antennas : 3.0 , 3.7 and 6.0m h.b dishes
new for 2m EME : ant 4x18XP 5.5wl
new for 70cm EME : 6m dish wit dual dipole feeds V and H polar.

In my h.b 3cm LNAs the best results was 0.7db ( NE32584 ). Michael (DB6NT) helped me with his new LNA : LNA#1 mod 102S EME, (0.55/21dB) / wavequide in/SMA out - LNA#2 also mod 102S EME - in reserve (0.6 /22dB) LNAs from Kuhne Electronik with meassprotokols #23 and 27 from Michael

My dish is an offset with F/D=0.68 made in RUSSIA "SUPRAL" ltd, same dish as my good friend Sergej RW3BP (QRV on 24 and 47gHZ EME). These offset dishes are optimised for real F/D W2IMU feeds ( optimal, very fine feeds diagramm, simulated with the DOS program W2IMU calculator). With W2IMU feeds, efficiency of this small offset dish is 78-84% / isolation TX W2IMU feed / RX W2IMU feed is over 85dB / Rx is optimal - no switch loss - wavequide LNAs input - on RX feed

Final test 13cm "focus modul" in shack.

73. Alex RW1AW


RW1AW - Alex