F6KSX – History of a group

Here are some dates important for F6KSX:

  • The club was created by F6DNU in 1975 (Creuse – Centre of France)
  • From 1976, the club formed several radio hams of whom F1EHQ (become F5ASM), F1EHN and F1GPL. The activity was based on realizations until 1980.
  • From 1982, F6KSX began its activity of contest and afterward expeditions.
  • From 1985, several expeditions in the Pyrenean mountain and in Andorra took place every year.
  • Always from 1985, René F6ETS joins the group and finds a great high point in the centre of France (Creuse) where we activated until 1989. In 1988, our biggest installation was settled for the contest IARU.
  • In 1988*, F6KSX turns to the EME. In some months it is decided to active an EME station in Andorra (C30BVA). 3 months later, the group is back in the centre of France for a second install and new EME experience.
  • In 1989, F6KSX puts its mast and its EME antenna in Corsica (TK4EME).
  • In 1990, F6KSX is present at the REF congress in the Limoges city to present its project of EME expedition in the Azores.
  • Still in 1990, expedition in the Azores – CU8EME.
  • In 1991, F6KSX settles down on the Jersey island – GJ / F6KSX.
  • In 1992, the last installation of the V / UHF antenna in the Observatory of PARIS-MEUDON .
  • 1993, F6KSX becomes the « Amateurs of Radio Reflections on the Lunar area » (A.R.R.L). The group settles down near Paris and begins the works of its fixed EME station .
  • 1994, first EME QSO on 10 GHz (3cm).
  • 1995: F6KSX improves its EME station and tracking system. The activity 10 GHz is very low. Few active stations during both WE of the ARRL contest
  • 1996, 1997: F6KSX switches on 1296 MHz (23cm). In 3 WE of contest, F6KSX realizes 130 QSO with 65 different stations (Initial QSO list).
  • 1999 : F6KSX is back on 10 GHz.
  • In 2001, we are testing a speciality « Le vin de lune / (moon’s wine ??) ». So, we realize the biggest score during the 3cm EME ARRL contest. During the 2002 contest, we have the visit of Johanna W5JLP who is student in the Paris area.
  • From 1999 up to 2005, F6KSX realized 178 QSO 3cm with 44 different stations
  • 2004 – 2005: We are probably doing our last contest and QSO from the actual site. The F6KSX’s place is for sale. F6KSX has to move. To be continue ….
  • 2006: F6KSX did not found any new place at this time. We were active for the WE of the ARI contest. With the moon at perigee the conditions were good . We have done 11 QSO with 3 more inits. Thank you for all active stations.(Initial QSO list)
  • 2007: Our first project started in 2004 is now off for different reasons. F6KSX is building a new project with the AAV astronomy group to extand the activity with the radioastronmy hobby. The dish and station are moving to the AAV site. To be continued again …
  • 2008 – 2018 : The radioastronomy is our main activity. See our results at the Radioastro page and radio detection of meteors at RETRAM website.

* About 1988: A quite particular thanking to Frank F5SE and a thought for Marc F9FT who allowed us to start in EME in 1988. I regrettably have no photo of our trip in Reims to get back the old 432 antenna of F9FT (and some news).

During these past years, the various members of the group F6KSX also participated in other activities with good time, such as:

  • 6th 432MHz & up EME Conference at Goteborg (Sweden)
  • TM8EME in the radio telescope of Nancay
  • Participation to the organization of the 8th EME Paris 1998 conference.
  • 10th EME Conference at Prague (Czech Republic)

F6KSX have also done many EME measurements, such as:

  • Sun flux during a partial eclipse of the sun
  • Echoes on 3cm
  • Some EME signals records

 I hope that these some lines and photos (links) will have made you share the pleasure that I have to be within a group as F6KSX. I crossed magnificent moments and I would like to thank all the friends whom you were able to see on the various photos. Today we are looking for a new place to install our station. We hope to see you soon on the moon.