Before using EME System, you must read the Read_me pdf file below or click on Use and recommendations.

If you need more details about the EME System, please read the documentation files below. All the files are downloadable for free.

Documentation of EME System:

EME System quick manual

EME System manual

Jan 2018

Jan 2018

Software (zipped file):

Read me first (mandatory)

EME System 32 bits version 

Apr 2020

Apr 2020

Hardware interface (optional):

Last PIC program (by KK6MK) **

Wiring documentation 

Test signals of the board

Aug 2008

Aug 2008

Aug 2008

** This version is dedicated for a new wiring of board. Don’t use it as an update for the existing board.

USD and MAB encoders (optional):

USD/A2 and MAB encoders using

Electromagnetics noise on VHF/UHF

Jan 2018

Jan 2007

Photos Database of EME Antennas:

Photos database (last package)

Photos database – Documentation

Oct 2010

Aug 2008

More information:

To Order :

Antenna rotation document

DDE dialog information

TS 440 Interface

Speed reduction for KRxxx


Jan 2018

Jun 2005

Jul 2005

Jan 2008

Important notes:

After downloading EME System, unzip the files and read the Read_me pdf file or click on Use and recommendations.

If you find a bug in my program, please don’t be angry with me for these 3 reasons:

  • The program is free
  • I am not a computer developer specialist and I am far from having all the necessary knowledge
  • I shall make an effort to correct my error!!!

Even if the program is free, donations are accepted. It will help me to reduce the development expenses. Thank you.